My name is Antoine Fressancourt.

I am a research and development engineer in Atos Worldline.

I am currently looking for a lab to write a PhD thesis in the field of telecommunications and networking.
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I would like to write a PhD thesis on a topic related to networking: routing, service connexion and invocation, alternative service delivery architectures, network overlay, network modeling, high availability mechanisms... I am quite open on the topic of this thesis, yet I would particularly like to investigate the two following topics.

Connection, composition, invocation and orchestration models for connected services.

In the recent years, the telecommunication world has seen the rise of converged network architectures using the next generation network paradigm. The IP Multimedia Subsystem is an architecture that applies the NGN principles. In this architecture, services are connected using a unified interface and the way they are triggered during a call is managed through filtering criteria that decide whether services are invocated in sequence, in parallel and their order. This model is slightly different from the service composition model that are used within the enterprise IT community which follows the SOA / BPM / BPEL model and mechanisms. Those two models are examples of different approaches regarding the way services are connected and called from the underlying network.
With the ongoing move towards convergent services and the appearance of new kinds of network architectures or network overlays, the models used to connect, compose and orchestrate services need to be studied in depth. Issues related to identity management, security, privacy, customization, context awareness and interoperability will gain importance as networks and their uses become ubiquitous.
Those are the issues I would like to investigate in my thesis.

Influence of mobile computing and of the technologies related to the Internet of Things on urbanism

Mobile computing and networking has already changed the way people retrieve information about their urban environment. Yet, we are only at the beginning of the changes triggered by information and communication technologies in cities. The boom of the Internet of Things will lead to new uses that will impact the cities durably and dramatically. In my thesis, I would like to investigate this impact, and the relationship between the physical space and the information space. This could be seen as a follow-up of the NFCSocial project.
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